ARTE DELLA VIGNA deals with all the manual processes needed to properly manage the vineyard, the main ones being pruning, grafting, harvesting, planting. Our passion and curiosity for our job have always pushed us to work respecting the plant and enological objectives of our company. Our work is the result of knowledge and of shared experiences with winemakers who have made this profession their passion. A passion they have invested time and dedication in, always with an eye to scientific research and developments.

The services we provide our client companies are mainly aimed at historic vineyards or at specific parts of a vineyard. We prefer working in specific company sectors where plants need careful nursing or management. The most important services we offer are pruning and grafting.


Pruning is a routine process aimed mainly at guaranteeing the production of grapes. It is done with the aim of preserving the conductive tissue and therefore also the health of the plant, so that it may live for as long as possible. Branching is not an option for specimens where a head is expected to grow. We consider it a harmful practice for the ordinary vineyard management, as it favors early senescence and the rapid deterioration of the conductive tissue, especially for some varieties, as well as increasing maintenance time. Each viticulture reality has its own peculiar history. The chosen methods will be the optimal ones for every single vineyard. The main objective of a correct pruning is that of preserving the COMPANY VITICULTURAL HERITAGE.


Grafting is an extraordinary process able to render a plant productive (grafting on wild rooted cuttings) or to change its produced variety (grafting on adult plants for a change in variety).

Our types of grafting:

  • Dormant bud grafting, also known as MAIORCHINA, on rootstocks;
  • Vegetating bud grafting with the Shield budding method (CHIP-BUD / T-BUD) for a change in variety. The Chip-Bud and T-Bud grafts are grafts with a low physiological impact for the plant. They preserve its conductive tissue, reducing the risk of wood infections. These grafts can be successfully performed even on older plants;

As for the nursery, we perform the following grafts in collaboration with the Vitis Rauscedo company:

  • Bench grafting, is a nursery graft that creates rooted cuttings using the WHIP AND TONGUE method. This practice is performed with a knife, to obtain an excellent approximation of the two parts. The knife provides a clean cut, does not cause any laceration of the plant tissue, and has a very high graft success chance without the need for hormones.
    In addition to viticulture, we also graft orchards, performing crown grafting on fruit plants.


• Guyot
• Cordon Trained
• Umbrella Kniffin
• Gobelet / Head-Spur
• Head-Cane / Cordon-Cane
• Minimal Pruning

• Chip-Bud / T-Bud
• Dormant Grafting (Maiorchina/Zufolo)
• Green Cleft Grafting
• Crown Cleft Grafting